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Time Has A Way
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K Spirito has always been a history buff. She loves to browse through microfilm of old newspapers, especially at the Boston Public Library. Noting human interest articles, she later weaves them into fiction that explores the human condition.

K Spirito

New England born and raised, K later traveled throughout the United States, having also resided in California and Kentucky. She has also traveled to Canada, Mexico, England and Germany. She believes she was born of gypsies (although she was not) because she wouldn’t mind one bit living a year or two in New York City then moving on to Montreal then San Diego then Rome then London then…

K Spirito holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Franklin Pierce College in New Hampshire and also an Associate in Arts for Interpreting for the Deaf from L. A. Pierce College in California. In the ‘60s she built power supplies that now sit on the moon in the Lunar Excursion Module. She transcribed Five Little Firemen by Margaret Wise Brown and Edith Thacher Hurd into Braille for the L. A. Public Library. She was a licensed Cosmetologist and owned a hair salon.

K is a member of the New Hampshire Writers’ Project and the Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance.

She and her husband of forty years raised four children and are now blessed with two granddaughters (soon to be three) and four grandsons. She enjoys traveling, in-line skating, sailing, kayaking, and Mexican Train dominoes.

K Spirito’s goals are to continue her education and become the best storyteller she can be.

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