Everything Happens To Margi

Margi is the only daughter of Seth and Emma LaRosa, an in-your-face sort and a victim of emotion who smiles on a whim and seconds later frowns with thick, puckered lips. Vast, jet-black eyes sparkle with love one moment and the next fire off heated animosity. Yet Margi has a heart of gold. Her usual attire consists of stonewashed jeans and faded, oversized sweatshirts. Margi has a thing for $3 sneakers. When they get dirty, she has no qualms about trashing them. Most days, lipstick and other makeup are a bother. Her raven hair, not yet streaked with strands of silver, is cut into a bob, but is in a constant state of disarray and is most often chucked beneath a hastily chosen bandanna. Margi has her share of ups and downs to contend with, most of her own making. Life for Margi is one catastrophe after another. She blows the simplest little things out of proportion. Take for instance running out of mayonnaise for the kid's lunch at ten o'clock on a Sunday night. Nothing is right with the world until her mild-mannered husband Evan gets dressed and treks out into the dark, thundering night to find an open convenience store. Well then, poor Evan gets home and all is swell, right? Wrong. Margi fusses and fumes that he paid too much. Angst builds to fever pitch until Margi is totally convinced that she and her family will surely go to the poor farm-all over one jar of mayonnaise. Yes, Everything Happens To Margi.

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